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Working through the pandemic

As the government responded to the pandemic just over a year ago, like many SME businesses Propco Construct Group utilised the furlough scheme where possible whilst maintaining essential business functions where necessary. This was intended to protect the business for now, so it could thrive again later.

With this done, a deep breath taken and the UK PPE shortages becoming clear, Propco reacted by utilising its extensive fabric supply chain from its commercial blinds operation, Kaydee Shading Solutions.

Within weeks the exact specification material had been sourced from within Europe and the fine motor skills associated with blind fabrication had been transferred to gown cutting and sewing.

Clive South, Director at Propco Construct Group commented ‘It was great to see the response to adversity from our team, many of which have been with us for more than a decade. I’d like to give particular credit to Kris, our Group Sales Manager who networked so effectively to make this happen’. Clive also added ‘the demand for UK manufactured medical PPE still remains and the Directors are now involved in a new venture, NPAUK Limited to establish a fully automated, locally manufactured, cost effective and quality range .

For the financial year of 2020, core business revenue was down almost 30% however despite lock down two, first quarter results for 2021 have shown a full bounce back to pre-covid levels. The group is targeting structured growth over the next 3 years as it executes its ‘Strength by Design‘ strategy.


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